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  • 17th Apr, 2018 Tempest Citadel - OUT NOW!

    Tempest Citadel - OUT NOW!
    Tempest Citadel has been released!Your mission, Captain, is to lead your crew of 100 skilled explorers to a distant planet to follow the call of an ancient alien race. Tempest Citadel is a team management game with a vivid storyline. Deep research and base building mechanics and a 10 hour single player campaign.StrategyThe game sits astride traditional genres, with very light RTS themed combat and a focus on R&D and improving your crew of 100 unique characters.
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  • 9th Apr, 2018 Tempest Citadel 1 Week to Launch - April 17th

    We're counting down to the launch of Tempest Citadel with a roundup of some of the latest Reviews and Streams:"Tempest Citadel is an addictive balance of player-friendly design and challenge"      Killa Penguin Full Review Progress Log"Tempest Citadel is a charming, story-driven title that channels some of the best elements of non-starship based Sci-Fi.
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  • 20th Oct, 2017 Tempest Citadel Beta

    Tempest Citadel is now seeking Beta Testers.If you would like to play, please join the Steam group: for your viewing pleasure here is a set of screenshots from the latest build!
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  • 25th Apr, 2015 Efreet Landing Craft

    Tempest Citadel is the story of a city risen over the clouds on an ancient world of discovery and danger. As the captain of this sky fortress you have full strategic control over a huge range of research and engineering projects, and the missions to the surface that yield new treasures to scavenge and threats to battle.This picture shows your Efreet landing craft launching from a very young city. If you survive long enough the city will grow into a manifold.
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